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Providing North-West Arkansas with Quality Pest Control! 
Roach Treatment

Roach treatments require 2 scheduled appointments. Everything in your cabinets must be removed and any thing you can cover up must be covered. 


We provide peace of mind as well as termite contracts. Our technicians will come and inspect your home or business for a new contract and give you an estimate for the cost of a contract. After the contract is paid we complete your job and provide you with an annual termite service. If you pay annually for this service we come out if you ever have any issues with termites! 

Flea Treatment

Flea treatments require 2 schedules appointments. It is good to keep in mind if you have pets to properly treat them with the appropriate flea treatment to avoid this from reoccurring.

Mole Treatment

Moles can be quite the pest if they are tearing apart your beautiful lawn or damaging your flower beds. We can handle those pesky thing for you!

Bed Bug Treatment

This service is per room so you will need to specify if you need it in multiple rooms. It is always a good idea to check the beds of any hotels you may be staying in to avoid bringing these creatures home with you. 

Quarterly Pest Control

When you choose our quarterly pest services you are getting top notch pest management every three months for insects including but not limited to  spiders, ants, beetles, gnats, wasps, ticks, and more. If you are having issues with a specific insect please let us know and we will create a plan of action that better suits your home or business. 

Yard Treatment

When we treat your yard we spray 30 ft around your home or business. This treatment can be targeted towards ticks, fleas, ants, and more. 

General (One time) Pest treatment

If you aren't quite sure you want to commit to a quarterly or you rent your home, for whatever reason we will come out and treat your home or business for pests. 

Mice, Squirrels, and other Rodents

Having rodent issues? Call us, we can set up a live trap or take care of those creatures and you will not see them again. 

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